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Anne Townsend

@ Sunday Times Books LIVE

Memoir (Heritage)

Wroeging. This is at the core of the memoir.

Wroeging that cuts through all the clutter.

Wroeging, once processed, feels pure, clean, like a white sheet.

White sheets, once caressed by the wind, the sun and the surrounding herbs, are a balm at night, as your dreams keep you churning.

If I may give one last (unsolicited) tip, for this heartfelt labour?

Rest. Ditch the whole book, and take a break.

Give yourself permission to actively cultivate other pursuits.

Give yourself permission to cull all essays, research, insights.

Give yourself permission to tidy the basement, to sweep the verandah, to take long hot baths, (with Epsom salts) and to sip green tea on the outside terrace.

Resting is Eno’s for the soul, resting is the how and the way.

Resting is how we process the undigested lives we carry.

Resting is also memoir, but resting is the chapter we do not read.

Memoir will highlight your core issues, memoir will give you the tools to address those issues, memoir is your calling card to the outside world.

And once your memoir is out there, make sure to deny access to those who seek to undermine, to derail, to ask negatively-laden questions.

Deny access to anybody that feels off, anybody that gives off a stench.

Memoir is surgery, you are the surgeon, the patient, the scalpel.

Memoir is not a toy that you give to anybody. Guard it, fiercely, with love.


image by anne townsend-steenkamp


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