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Anne Townsend

@ Sunday Times Books LIVE

Energy is a currency

Energy is a currency

People will go to extreme lengths to steal energy.

I have had people try every trick in the book to siphon off my reactions.

Here’s a thing.

This is the test as to whether it’s a genuine discussion that is about mutual respect and an innocent sharing of opinions, or whether it’s an energy thief who is getting its fangs into your energy supply.

If on the other side of the dinner table, as the Energy Thief trashes your favourite author, (based on an online review as ET hasn’t actually read the books) and you vigorously defend the writer, the Energy Thief looks aroused, relaxed, triumphant and happy at your defence, this is a sign. As ET keeps on trashing the book he hasn’t read, (based on an online review), and your defence becomes more shrill, more jagged, more loud, ET will literally plump up. He’ll become bigger. Your energy does this.

Energy Thieves are often tormented souls, and the only time they are plumped up, in control, and laughing from the gut, a healthy belly chuckle, is once they realize they’ve snagged a target. Their technique worked.

My friends, waking up is not for sissies. It’s a long hard road to freedom.

Don’t go back to sleep, and don’t remove your own energy thefts from the analysis.

You, too, have fed off other people’s reactions. We all do. It’s not possible to do this work and come out the other side scot free. Memories include our own predation.

Energy is a currency. So is your time and intelligence. Guard it like the gold it is.

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images by anne townsend, northern cape, south africa


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