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Anne Townsend

@ Sunday Times Books LIVE

Silence? Friend or Foe.

The all-time irony of protecting a family, of enabling a cheater, of bailing out a chaotic friend?

It *diesn’t work.

On the long-term, the dishonesty, lack of integrity, and resentment you feel, will trap you. Not immediately, but some day.

There is no long-term joy from maintaining a (toxic) status quo.

There is no peace from silencing yourself, in order to lie.

If you marvel at a friend’s lifestyle, behaviour, values and misogyny? It’s a lie to remain silent. You’re a fraud.

If you deeply resent the years of silence from family who did not do the bare minimum in supporting your work? Silence protects them, it lies about who you are and where you stand.

Silence lies.

Silence nourishes in some instances. Silent retreats? Life-changing.

Silence is vastly under-rated. But silence can be frankly slimy.

Silence depends on intention. Silences are sublime or sinister.

Silence deserves a nuanced investigation. Silence? Friend, or foe.

*As a long time fan of Freudian slip-typos, I leave the diesn’t as is.

Karoo Bee

image by a townsend



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