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Anne Townsend

@ Sunday Times Books LIVE

My House My Rules

As I switched on my laptop today, in my spacious internet-free home (psychologically spacious, psychically spacious), I read the following message:

Getting Windows ready
Working on updates
67% complete
Don’t turn off your computer.

Indeed, this is the nature of boundary work. It is on-going.

One deeper understanding and decades of boundary pushing lights up.

Remember, boundary pushers know full well what they’re up to.

Don’t doubt for a second that boundary pushers are about anything but control and power and domination.

Next time a boundary pusher walks into (ponces into) your personal space?

Take control. Be inventive, creative, innovative and be in charge.

My House. My Rules. That is my Fridge Magnet for today.

There is no written law that boundary pushers deserve your hospitality or your friendship, just because they are in your home.

Even more reason, in your personal space, to get these boundary pushers where they belong, outside, in the garden, in the street, or escorted out by security.

Boundary pushers manipulate, they push the limits of your hospitality.

Boundary pushers study you, they know what to do, when & how.

Take charge of your life. Take the lead with every boundary pusher you meet.

Newfound vitality, creativity, life force and prana will flood through your cells.

From a recent convert to Taking the Lead, this you can take to the bank.

Boundary pushing is an art? So is taking charge of the eviction of the BP.


image by anne townsend 


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