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Anne Townsend

@ Sunday Times Books LIVE

Stonewalling, Enabling & Family Wreckers

Incest destroys families. The victims who report incest are not the destroyers.

Incest ruins a child’s innocence. The child or adult who reports, is not at fault.

Incest shreds at a family’s foundation. The child or adult who reports the crime, is the family’s repair person.

The child or adult who reports is an architect who diligently sets out to identify a security crisis, and who wants the family to heal.

My magnet questions for today:

Why would anyone call an incest survivor a family wrecker for reporting abuse?

Why do so many family members actively work at minimizing the abuse?

Why do so many siblings and cousins stonewall and scapegoat the whistle blower?

Why does the incest survivor end up being doubly traumatized, first as a child, and then years, or decades later, as a law-abiding, responsible citizen, who reports the abuse to the family, and, if she or he is brave enough, to the police?

I hear you, tricky questions, and why don’t we move on, get lives, and stop hammering the nail in the wall?

We’ll do that once we get your replies, thanks.




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