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Anne Townsend

@ Sunday Times Books LIVE

Are you stuck? And where?

I am stuck in my Blue Room. I can’t facilitate one on one counselling sessions (based on free writing and various left/right brain activities) because:

1) The room is not secluded enough (traffic/pedestrians go by).

2) The desk is too large. The desk is too small. I need another desk(s).

3) The cream antique sheeting I used as curtains lets in too much light.

4) The room is too ………???? Not …….. enough ?????

5) Barrydale will eat me for breakfast. That stupid woman from Cape Town is CHARGING us to write and do various activities we could do for free??!!

6) People will stop me in the street and tell me their problems, even more so than they already do.

7) I may do well, & I’ll have to deal with success.

8) I may fail miserably & I will have to deal with gossip and insults.

9) I’ll effectively be ‘running a business’ so I can’t pack up and run away.

10) My anonymity, seclusion, and Low Key Persona will be ruined. (!!!)

Sealed Lips)No Time to LoseSealed Lips)

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